Rock Garden Christian Camp
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Rock Garden Christian Camp Schedule 2022
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May 31-June 2, Basketball camp & Soccer Camp                                       Dean: Nathan Pabarcus
Grades 5th - 10th                                                                                               Assistant Dean: Rance Beller
Registration 8:45 am -9:15 am                                                                        Soccer Coach's: Bill Joiner 
Camp Ends June 2nd at 3 pm
Fee $115.00

June 5th-10th, High School 9th-12th                                                             Dean: Jeremiah Woodring
Registration 3pm-4:30pm                                                                               Assistant Dean: Wes Marriot
Camp Ends June 10th at 12pm
Fee $120

June 12th-17th, Intermediate 5th & 6th                                                       Dean: Justin DeVries
Registration 3pm-4:30pm                                                                              Assistant Dean: Veronica Aichele
Camp Ends June 17th at 12pm
Fee $120

June 26th-July 1st, Jr. High 7th & 8th                                                          Dean: Eric Tripp
Registration 3pm-4:30pm                                                                              Assistant Dean: Adam Gordon
Camp Ends July 1st at 12pm
Fee $120.00

July 13th-15th, Special Needs                                                                       Dean: Allen Bates
Staff and volunteers begin at 8:30 am                                                       Assistant Dean: Don Crockett
Registration Begins at 3pm-4:30pm
Camp Ends July 15th at 12pm
Fee: $70.00

July 17th-20th, Peewee 3rd & 4th                                                               Dean: Mitch Ford
Registration 3pm-4:30pm                                                                             Assistant Dean: Brandon Dunning
Camp Ends July 20th at 12pm
Fee: $90.00

​July 21st-22nd, 1st and 2nd First Chance                                                  Dean: Mitch Ford
Registration 3pm-4:30pm                                                                            Assistant Dean: Brandon Dunning
Camp Ends July 22nd at 12pm
Fee $70.00

June 19th-24th, Westside Family Life Center, Rental Group.  July 4th-13th open week
July 24th-29th, Ozark Bible Camp, Gospel Hill Church of Christ, Rental Group