Rock Garden Christian Service Camp
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Rock Garden Christian Camp 2019 Schedule

May 28-30                                                       Dean: Nathan Pabarcus
Basketball and Soccer Camp                        BB Assistant Dean: Rance Beller
                                                                       Soccer Assistant Dean: Bill Joiner

June 2-7                                                          Dean: Jeremiah Woodring
9th - 12th (High School)                                 Assistant Dean: Nathan Sowers

June 9-14  (Intermediate)                              Dean: Nick Rowland
5th and 6th                                                     Assistant Dean: Justin DeVries

June 23-28                                                     Dean: Nate Cooper
7th and 8th (Jr. High)                                    Assistant Dean: Eric Tripp

July 14-17                                                      Dean: Georgia Merrick
3rd and 4th                                                    Assistant Dean: Alisha Haynes

July 18-19                                                      Dean: Georgia Merrick
1st and 2nd (First Chance)                           Assistant Dean: Alisha Haynes

July 10-12                                                      Dean: Allen Bates
Special Needs                                               Assistant Dean: Kendal Bates